Category Management

Category Management is the practice of defining and managing store categories as independent business units. This practice depends on high level analysis and collaboration with strategic partners in order to translate the flow of information to relevant insights that trigger improvements at the point of sale.

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The implementation of Category Management at your organization allows you to apply distinct strategies such as those of accommodation, assortment, prices and promotions according to the specific needs of the consumer. Category Management implementation is carried out through business rules that make the operation remain efficient while generating the high value for the consumer and the company.

Optimal development steps of Category Management:

The use of appropriate tools can be a crucial factor for category management adoption.
Thanks to our alliance with Blue Yonder we offer the most advanced tools in the market, so that your business management team can guarantee an alignment between operations and strategy.

Some of the benefits of proper category management:

  • Allows focus on personalized service at the price level, promotions and assortment.
  • Standardizes in-store execution processes and improves space analysis.
  • Improve consumer understanding and purchasing experience.