Blue Yonder

We are proud to have a strategic partnership with Blue Yonder which is the only company recognized as a leader in all 3 Gartner Magic Quadrant reports covering supply chain planning solutions, transportation management systems and warehouse management systems.

Our business approach allows us to tailor solutions to customer needs to ensure benefit capture and full adoption of new capabilities. This enables us to offer comprehensive solutions to our customers with dynamic capabilities that support the future state based on global best practices.

Blue Yonder recognizes GOLDCO as a reference partner, consistently obtaining awards that endorse our world-class performance:
  • 2017 Partner of the Year in Leadership and Collaboration
  • 2018 Partner of the Year in Leadership and Collaboration
GOLDCO offers various technological services such as implementation, training and support in Blue Yonder end-to-end solutions with three pillars to focus on:


Category Management

Luminate Commerce

Price and Promotion


Transportation Management (TMS)


Control Tower



Demand and Fullfillment

Luminate Demand Edge


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