Execution of operations
Management of assets and resources

The world is undergoing global digitization. Technology has unprecedented advances impacting every link in the supply chain and companies are modifying their business processes to stay relevant and competitive in the industry. This digitization seeks to connect end-to-end at every station in the value chain of different companies.

With the increase in demand caused by the aggressive growth of online commerce, comes pressure for companies to deliver fast, low-cost and flexible deliveries through different distribution channels. This creates the big trend in the industry, the outsourcing of logistics services.

Logistics services facing the volatility of a world exposed to constant disruptions due to political, economic, natural causes, etc. How to continue to offer a complete service for such varied supply chains and their specific requirements?

With a modular system that enables real-time visibility, planning and execution of optimal and intelligent plans fed by information from different participants and capable of being agile and flexible enough to respond to any unforeseen event. All this powered by artificial intelligence technology and analytics that enable decision making by anticipating situations in transit, planning and inventory.

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Integrating all these capabilities, we present Blue Yonder solutions that support 3PL providers in meeting high-value challenges and consolidating logistics operations at different levels and with specific requirements. Transportation management systems such as TMS (Transportation Management System), warehouse management systems such as WMS (Warehouse Management System) and total visibility and orchestration systems such as LCT (Luminate Control Tower) are the perfect allies to take the logistics operation to the next level by driving three main areas:

  • Execution of operations
  • Management of assets and resources
  • Orchestration

And obtaining benefits such as:

  • Reduction of operational and transportation costs
  • Increased competitivenessS
  • Resilience in disruptive environments
  • Improved customer service
  • Among others
Contact our experts at GOLDCO, schedule your DEMO appointment and let’s start discussions on how these tools will fit your specific operations requirements and take advantage of this technology recognized by Gartner’s quadrants in transportation management, supply chain planning and warehouse management.