Digital Transformation

Implementation & Upgrades

Our service team will help you digitize your business with the most important tools in the market. Whether it is a business that is just starting in the digital world, as well as businesses that already have tools and want to expand their use in other fields.

GOLDCO has a team of professionals dedicated to the implementation and adaptation of new tools that will help your business to exploit all the technological resources and obtain the desired quantitative benefits.

Blue Yonder Partnership

To bring the best benefits to our customers, GOLDCO has a strategic alliance with Blue Yonder to help us provide the best tools in the industry. From micro space management tools to logistics tools. With this alliance GOLDCO has a tool for each practice and the best attention to make the digital transformation within your business.


On-Premise Implementations

We offer on-premise implementations when your business has the necessary capabilities to adopt on-site technology. We are prepared to accompany you in the journey from equipment acquisition to the adaptation of existing technology to store the new systems.

Cloud Implementations

Nowadays cloud implementations are the ideal, providing scalability and flexibility. GOLDCO implements together with Blue Yonder cloud solutions that adapt to the needs of each business and help to avoid wasting time on maintenance tasks when they are not necessary.

Tailor-made solutions

GOLDCO has a professional team dedicated to the development of custom solutions that can adapt the operation of the tools we offer and adjust to the needs of each business. No client is the same and our team knows it, for this very reason we seek to make the digital transition well received with our development team.

Blue Yonder Upgrade and Migration

GOLDCO has more than 6 years of experience working in the digital transformation of businesses. For this reason, our team is ready to help you adapt your Blue Yonder tools to the new challenges of your business. From a software upgrade with its correct functioning assurance to a migration from an on-premise environment to a cloud environment.

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