Category Management

At GOLDCO we firmly believe that Category Management is an enabler that supports strategic decision making and the effective integration of processes across the departments involved throughout the value chain to ensure the best service offering to your customers.

Based on the standard methodology of the 8 steps of Category Management, we build, together with the company, standardized and replicable processes that align the organization from start to finish and support the main processes from strategic definitions to execution.

Our methodology enables the definition, management and optimization of:
  • Micro space
  • Macro space
  • Assortment (product selection)
  • Segmentation or Clustering of stores based on consumer insights
  • Integration with Procurement
  • Integration with Pricing and Promotions

Additionally, GOLDCO is a reference partner with Blue Yonder (BY), a leading company in the development of integrated supply chain management solutions. This allows enabling processes with dynamic capabilities through the use of the Blue Yonder Category Management Suite tools:

  • BY Space Planning
  • BY Floor Planning
  • BY Assortment Optimization
  • BY Planogram Generator
  • BY Data Manager
  • BY Space Automation
  • BY Floor Generator
  • BY Assortment Generator
  • BY Category Knowledge Base (CKB)

Main benefits of a comprehensive implementation:

  • Centralization of information
  • Process standardization
  • Definition/Optimization of business rules
  • Effective execution of sales floor strategies
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